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We are credible Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter & Importer of a diversified range of Automatic Faceting Machine , Gemstone Faceting Machine & All Type of Lapidary Machines.


Kalpana Machine Tools as manufacturers of machine tool since 1992, Kalpana Machine Tools have close to 28 year of experience in this Machine Tool Manufacturing sector. Kalpana Machine Tools strives to deliver Automatic Faceting Machine(CNC), Gemstone Faceting Machine & All Type of Lapidary Machines to our customers with best of quality, precision and reliability. By offering machines that are capable of high production levels together with excellent technical support. Kalpana Machine Tools is renowned as one of the premier and trusted suppliers of Automatic Faceting Machine(CNC), Gemstone Faceting Machine, not just in India but all across the globe. Kalpana Machine Tools has a modern state of the art manufacturing plants located in Jaipur, in the state of Rajasthan -INDIA. The factory has in-house design, manufacturing and assembly facilities. A very high proportion of parts used in these machines are made in our own production facilities. Our machines continually raise the bar for productivity, performance and reliability… all of which helps to explain their enduring popularity.


We combine world class machines that provides everything you need to achieve a quality.  As our world continues to change, it is nice to know that our commitment to excellence remains.

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